Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Breaking: This just in from the Russian Bear

These are FACTS about the Russia-Trump Scandal

1)   The FBI is investigating Trump-Russian ties

2)   Russia released hacked info with the purpose of helping Trump win the election

3)   Trump successfully lobbied the GOP platform to exclude condemnation of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine

4)    Trump has consistently praised Putin, defended Russia during the campaign about accusations of hacking and even denied that Russia had invaded the Ukraine

5)    Trump has consistently criticized NATO and has threatened to defund it

6)   Trump advisor Carter Page was given permission by the campaign to travel to Moscow in the summer of 2016 to give a pro-Russian speech. Page has high level ties to the Russian oil & gas industry

7)    Michael Flynn special national security advisor with top security clearance to Trump lied about his contacts with Russian agent/ambassador Kislayek and was on the payroll of Rusian propaganda outlet RT

8)   Senator Sessions advisor to candidate Trump lied about his contacts with Russian agent/Ambassador Kislayak

9)   Paul Mantefort Trump campaign manager lied about his business interests with ousted pro-Russian Ukrainian leader Yanukovych a               close friend of Putin. He received $750,000 from Yanukovich disguised as payments for computers.

10) Rex Tillerson Trump’s Secretary of State has close business ties to  Russia and was awarded their Medal of Freedom

11) Roger Stone, long time Trump confidant tweeted about the dump of Russian hacked info on Wiki Leaks before it occurred and bragged about communicating with Assange during the campaign. He also communicated with Russian agent/hacker Guccifer2

12)Cabinet Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has $Billion investments with Russian oligarchs close to Putin and has a huge investment in the Bank of Cyprus which is notorious for laundering Russian money