Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Talking to Myself Again

Love is not our property. We can summon romantic love by our openness to it but we can’t direct to whom it will attach. The given receptors and transmitters of our hearts have only a finite number of individuals to whom they are fitted for interchange. Just because we have desires to love and be loved does not mean we can pick out anyone in the stream and make the magic happen even if they check all the appropriate boxes on our profile sheet. Nor can we revisit the past and recreate a flow whose time has passed. The Source of Love knows the available fits and both the byways by which to access them and the right timings for when to do so. Trying to manage or control that dynamic only leads to frustration. We are doing our small part by simply being open to the experience.

Finding that match is the work of the universal consciousness which is the Source from which Love flows. This is no chance endeavor since ultimately all of our deep personal experiences come in the service of our own development. To this project the Universe lends us all of its resources. We are predestined to grow and our experiences in romantic love are a rich means for that growth.

Simply put---RELAX---BE OPEN---TRUST. The Universe will provide all that we need at the moment most beneficial for us to receive it.

Now let me get back to trying to follow my own advice.

Sung better than I could ever say it: